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18 Jun

ISOP Students win Programming Prize

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The International School of Paphos (ISOP) is very proud of two of its students, Asado Rakhimov (Year 10) and Stas Khaletskiy (Year 8), who won 2nd Prize in the finals of the “Logipaignion 2015” Competition held on 25th April at the Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAK) in Limassol.

The purpose of this annual competition, which is now in its seventh year, is to encourage students to get involved in Information Technology through the development of a computer game, an area that young adults find entertaining and can quickly associate with.

In undertaking such a project, students gain experience of working as a team and accepting roles and responsibilities.  This helps to develop logical, analytical thinking skills. In game development, students can make use of the very latest technology and become exposed to aspects of software design, system development, programming, graphics and multimedia.  The whole process mimics closely what happens in the real world of business and students can also gain the experience of documenting and presenting their work.

192 students and 68 teachers took part in the competition in two categories, Gymnasia (Years 7-9) and Lykeia (Years 10-13). There were 34 entries in the Gymnasia category and 28 in the Lykeia category. ISOP’s entry was in the Lykeia category, even though Stas is only Year 8 and as such, a “Gymnasion” student.

In the first phase of the competition, six groups were selected from each category to take part in the finals. The teams then had to compete within their category with a live presentation of their game before the panel of judges and a wider audience. They also answered questions by the judges about their work.

Asado’s and Stas’s presentation was very dynamic and delivered in a confident and buoyant style, without a script. They explained how they worked as a team, dividing roles and responsibilities:  Asado undertook the design and programming and Stas did the graphics and sound. The pair did not need any assistance from ISOP staff, except for some coordination, and their work was highly original in every respect.

Their enthusiastic and interactive demonstration showed that two players can collaborate in the game – the only such game in the competition. The judges and other competitors were clearly impressed and congratulated the ISOP students. Dr Andreas Georgiou, Head of ICT, commented: “It was wonderful to see the level of maturity and genuine interest in each other’s work, which was demonstrated by all the contestants!"

The competition is organised by TEPAK and the University of Cyprus. It is sponsored by CYTANET and supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture and other important organisations: ECDL, SIGMA LIVE, GET (Microsoft Computer Games),  YoYo Games and  The Cyprus Computer Society.

Well done to our prize winners, Asado and Stas on their award, and to all who took part! Congratulations also to the organisers, the sponsors and the supporters of the whole competition which was not only highly educational but also a lot of fun for everyone!


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