25 May

ISOP reaches Finals at Computer Games Competition

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For the second year in a row, The International School of Paphos has made it to the Logipaignion computer games finals in the Lykeia category. This year, our entry is by team Forty Keks, made up of Asado Rakhimov (Year 11) and Michael Tedeev (Year 8).  A total of 226 students in 56 teams, 31 of them in the Gymnasia and 25 in the Lykeia category, had entered for the competition.


The ISOP entry,  “Last Hope”, features a futuristic  scenario where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is so advanced that machines have taken over everything. The human player navigates through an eerie maze of machine tunnels picking up clues on the way, accompanied by sound effects of impending danger. The player runs the risk of detection by the machine, which then eliminates the threat. The Rakhimov/Tedeev entry is the only one using the Unity engine which  offers a dynamic 3D perspective, as the player progresses through the tunnels. The game appeals to the more sophisticated player with the ending dependent on whether each task is completed or not.

Although the ISOP team were not among the first three prize winners this time, there was a lot of interest expressed for the game by the other teams. Last year, the ISOP entry by Asado Rakhimov and Stas Khaletskiy was awarded second prize in the Lykeia category.


The concept for “Last Hope” and its development was entirely that of the students who used quite advanced concepts of object-oriented programming and got to grips with many specialised ideas in the field, including configuration and optimisation for the selected platform. Congratulations to Asado and Michael for their enthusiasm and for working as a team!


We would like to thank the organisers and sponsors for promoting Information Technology in this innovative and entertaining way, which has captured the imagination  of the students and has given them a platform to be creative, learn programming skills, take on responsibilities and compete in a healthy and friendly spirit with the other contestants. ISOP would also like to congratulate the finalists, the prize winners and all who took part.

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