Persian Club Celebrates Nowruz

Our Persian club celebrated Nowruz (The Iranian New Year) on March 21st 2017.

Nowruz is a time of celebration, marking the yearly cycle of the seasons, which is also connected with the ideas of birth and growth. It is probably the most joyous and significant of all the Iranian festivities found throughout the year.

The children of the club sang Iranian songs about love for their mothers and fathers and the “Spring Song” (Bahar). There was also a decorated Nowruz Table with the “haft seen” (seven things beginning with the letter S), flowers, chocolates and sweets. All the items on the Nowruz Table are there to bring good fortune, health, fertility and abundance to the family in the coming year.

Members of the school’s Management Team and staff, as well as parents, attended the event and had a taste of Iranian culture. It was wonderful to share the Iranian traditions, songs and dances with them. All the children were very excited and proud to show everyone attending part of their culture and history.

Club leader Mrs Pooneh Hosseini commented: “Thank you to the school’s management for all your support and help in keeping our traditions and culture alive in our children’s lives.”


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