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This form must be completed in ENGLISH. The International School of Paphos reserves the right to reject any applicants who do not fulfil the requirements of the School/Boarding House. Any place offered is conditional on our assessment of the student’s ability to perform satisfactorily in the year group assigned. We require the following supporting documents to be uploaded with your application :- Child’s Passport / Child’s Birth Certificate / Parents Passport Copies / Previous School Reports.

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If applying for Boarding House please specify if Full Boarder or Weekly Boarder. All other applications are DAY STUDENT

Consents given are valid indefinitely from the time of completion. It is your responsibility to inform us if you wish to amend any consents. For amendments, written or email notifications will be require to be sent to the school on : Full wording of Consent can be found here :

The International School of Paphos is a data controller under the GDPR and relevant personal data protection laws. The personal data supplied on this application is required for the purpose of : Student Enrollment / Student Registration / Allocation of teachers & resources / Determining a students eligibility for additional learning support / School administration / Child welfare (including medical welfare) / Fulfilling our other legal obligations

In registering my child as a student in The International School of Paphos, I understand that this implies a full acceptance of the rules of the school. I will where applicable, provide copies of recent Education Psychologist’s reports or other professional educational assessments to the school. I understand that, while every effort will be made to ensure that my son/daughter will be facilitated in his/her preferred subject choices, this may not always be possible. As a partner in the education of my child, I recognize the need to do my utmost to support the work of the school. Please note that withholding any essential information regarding your child may lead to the cancellation of the student’s placement.

By submitting this form, I consent to The International School of Paphos processing personal and special information contained in this application form. I understand that I can at any time alter the level and use of my child's data and processing by contacting the Admissions Office. A copy of the full Data Protection Policy is available from the Admissions team on request.