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Benefits of Attending our BH

Benefits of Attending our BH

Boarding develops life skills and builds resilience while supporting all-round emotional health and well-being. Students are encouraged to develop a broad range of skills which will benefit them well for their future endeavours. The International School of Paphos is committed to supporting students to think “outside of the box”, to question and challenge themselves, to raise aspirations and develop critical thinking skills.

Boarding at The International School of Paphos provides a unique experience of life and learning. Boarders learn to be tolerant and understanding of others together with becoming team players. They also learn to be responsible for themselves, their studies, their belongings and their environment. Students learn to be accountable for their decision-making. Personal and social skills are developed and enhanced. These are personal and social skills that students need to acquire to be successful in their future. The Boarding House is a home away from home which nurtures lifelong friendships.

Our students come from a variety of cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds. We have over 40 nationalities attending our school and we are committed to ensuring an open and tolerant learning environment, free from prejudice, where everyone can feel at home, regardless of his or her nationality or personal background. We are committed to meeting the needs of all our students and where possible, we will observe and celebrate the rich cultural experiences they bring to our school.

The Boarding House staff are skilled at facilitating a smooth transition for students who are boarding at The International School of Paphos. They are available on-hand to offer support and advice, ensuring that students soon become settled and happy. Where concerns are raised, House Parents will act swiftly, intervening directly where appropriate. Students are also encouraged to resolve minor issues themselves, thus developing skills in dealing with conflict or challenging situations.

While we aspire to providing an environment dedicated to educational success, the physical and emotional well-being of our students is our primary concern. By placing your child in our Boarding School, you are entrusting us with their care, and we take this very seriously.

Dedicated and experienced boarding staff live alongside the children, providing daily support and guidance. The House Parents are available 24 hours a day and maintain an open-door approach, so students are always welcome to discuss any concerns they may have.

To further support our students’ health on all levels, an on-site nurse and school counsellor are available to our students. Boarding staff members are trained to administer medicines and care for non-serious issues. The school has close access to medical centres and hospitals with whom we have an excellent relationship, should more serious health issues require expert care. All international boarding students sign up for a private Health Insurance Plan.

The students and staff share leisure time when appropriate, for example film and games nights, as well as participating in a broad range of extra-curricular activities including outings.

Our goal is for each student to graduate with healthy and beneficial habits so they can lead fulfilled, successful lives.

The Boarding House aims are to
  • promote a spirit of communal and independent responsibility
  • recognise and foster individual academic excellence develop the whole person
  • promote global citizenship
  • build resilience and promote good emotional health and well-being
  • encourage self-confidence and adaptability
  • prepare for higher education and the world of work
  • raise aspirations and achieve ambitions
  • provide a balance between academic work and leisure
  • enhance, social, physical and emotional skills