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International School of Paphos’ Boarding in few lines

  • Capacity of 70 boarders
  • Boarding house in the main campus in the new Boarding House inaugurated in 2019
  • Boarding house sits next the main school building, easy access to all facilities
  • Boys and girls
  • From 11 to 18 years old
  • Over 30 different nationalities in school
  • Boarding house in the main campus: no waste of time to go to classes
  • Dynamic weekend activity programme with opportunities to discover other cities in Cyprus

We take boys and girls from 11 to 18 years old, offering both weekly and full boarding programs. The Head of Boarding and his family also live on campus along with the House parents. As a team, it is their responsibility to ensure the boarders’ personal well-being, safety and best possible academic achievements by providing daily supervision and support from waking up to bedtime.

All boarders live in the Boarding House. Boys and girls live on separate sections of the House. Day to day learning takes place all together with the Day school students, according to their curriculum and activities.

Boarders are allowed to sign out to Paphos on weekends, according to their year group and age. Paphos is a very safe and enjoyable small town. The older boarders (Y 9-13) can sign out in groups while the younger boarders sign out with a member of staff.

The Boarding Department allows students to extend their social opportunities, often with day school friends that they make. Should the student be invited by the family of a Day Student, the Boarding Department will need to receive a written confirmation from:

  1. The student’s parents
  2. The inviting family

There are several activities offered to our boarders after school and during weekends. During weekdays, we expect them to work hard, and during weekends we want to see them “play harder”. From days by the Sea and waterparks to fun visits to other places in Cyprus. Learning at ISOP is extended outside of the classrooms. in classrooms and from academic books.

We encourage parents to come and see their children and they are always welcome on campus. We do ask for notice so that we can make sure we maintain our security. However, we respect the challenges of parents travelling from afar and we are flexible to accommodate these needs.

Communication between parents and children are key to contribute their well-being and development. We suggest parents contact their children either before or after school (7.00 – 7.40 or after 14.20 Cyprus Time). Should there be an emergency, please call the boarding line which is available 24/24 and 7/7 at +357 26 821720.

This is one of the most important responsibilities we take as a boarding institution. To ensure that care is always there we have multiple ways of checking up on and being accessible to each student: through their house parents, through their academic tutor, through their Key Stage Co- Ordinator, their Head of school and the Enhancement centre, through the support of the other students. The pastoral care at ISOP is outstanding and we are proud of the care that we provide. Boarding House-Parents are not academic teachers but full-time staff who are responsible of boarders’ day to day well-being. They live on the same boarding floors as students, allowing them to be contacted at any time.

We do have a nurse available on Campus during school hours and a doctor of reference in case of any emergency. If the student needs to go the Hospital for a check, a Staff member (House parent or Head of Boarding) will accompany him/her.

At this age, we need to be sure that children have a balanced diet. Our chefs prepare a wide range of options for our students and we give meticulous attention to any food allergies or special dietary requirements children needs. Parents are requested to fill-out the child’s medical form and specify any important medical information.

The campus and the Boarding house are covered with a wireless network. Boarders can connect to the school network system in order to access the internet from their room. Naturally the school blocks unsuitable websites and restricts access to gaming and social websites during the school day and the allocated homework time in the evening. Furthermore, we have a policy on electronics which boarders need to respect. Further details can be found in our “Boarders’ Handbook”. The school places high priority on guiding students to make responsible and safe choices in their use of IT.

We encourage students to bring their own laptop to facilitate communication with their relatives/parents as well as to work on group projects and research with their classmates.


Yes, students are allowed and expected to have their own mobile phone. The usage of mobile phone is prohibited during lessons time. Students are allowed their phones during morning break and lunch break, outside the building.

Most of our rooms are single but we also have double and triple rooms.

We allocate students to rooms based on our experience and on the best educational interests of students. Should students be in a double or triple room, we try to place them with students of the same year group and different nationalities: this will allow them to learn more about other cultures! We take great care in these placements and monitor them closely.


Passport holders of certain countries do not need a visa. Where one is required, the School will assist with the visa application process. For further information, please contact the Admissions office at: It is vital that parents appraise us of their situation and needs as the regulations in Cyprus require that we are compliant with visa requirements.

Should parents decide to pay the school’s pocket money, boarders can collect it from the Boarding Office on a weekly basis. The amount of the pocket money is € 20 /week.


Students are expected to hand in their passports to the Boarding Office for safety. Each student also has a safe box in the room for secure storage.

Boarders have mandatory preparation time every afternoon (except Saturdays), between 17:00 – 19:00 and then after dinner if necessary, in our study room. Staff on duty are available to help boarders if necessary.

The school is closed during the holidays in Christmas, Easter and Summer. Term dates are published and these activities well in advance to enable parents to plan effectively. Boarders can stay in the Boarding House during Christmas and Easter holidays at an additional cost.


Yes, both. Uniform is part of the school’s dress code which has to be respected. School sport strip is also worn by students participating in fixtures and tournaments. These can be purchased in our uniform shop. A full consultation and appointment is made available before the student starts school.

Yes, there is a storage room for this purpose in the Boarding House.

On weekends we wake up later than usual on Saturdays and Sundays and have a wonderful brunch in the Boarding House’s dining area. We have activities planned for every weekend (days by the beach, Water park visits, Sea Turtle Beach, Segway around Paphos, Hikes in Nature, Visits to the Mall, Exploring Cyprus and travel to other cities etc.). We have dinners in local restaurants and barbecue and pizza nights at the Boarding House.


Transport from and to Paphos airport is provided to our boarders and the fee is included in the tuition and boarding package. This service is provided on departure and arrival dates of school’s holiday periods (Christmas, Easter and Summer). Transport to/from Larnaca airport comes at an extra cost. To arrange this, please contact our boarding office:

Boarders’ bedrooms are cleaned everyday by our Housekeeping team. However, we ask our students to keep the room tidy as a respect to our staff members. House-parents will do room tidiness checks daily and they will give them a score on a weekly basis.


Yes, this is a service included in the fees. Each boarder receives a laundry bag with a number, and they must give in the laundry bag with the clothing to be washed on Friday morning and they will have it back washed and ironed on Sunday evening after dinner.


Please refer to our list of clubs offered for this term. Most clubs offered on campus are included in the fees. Should boarders wish to do an activity which is not listed, e.g., horse-riding, and if parents agree with it, the boarding team will help in looking for a club outside school. The student will also be driven to and from the activity by the boarding team whenever possible or transportation will be organized by the boarding office.

We currently have more than 800 students from over 30 different nationalities. Most of them come from European countries but we also have children from other continents including Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas.

English is the main language of instruction and communication.

Yes, we have a very vibrant Music Department and individual instrumental tuition is available.

We have an Enhancement Centre on campus which is available to support children with specific learning needs. Our Programme helps students to build-up a strong English foundation in order to better cope with the other subjects.

Please follow our Admissions process:

  • Schedule a visit with our Admissions team: . All our visits are individual and bespoke to every family’s needs
  • Fill-out our online application form and provide the documents requested
  • Complete the Admissions Tests, if required –
  • The completed file will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee and an answer will be provided after 10 working days

For further information, please do not hesitate in contacting our Admissions Team.

At ISOP we have a rolling admissions system. Students are welcomed throughout the whole academic year. However, we strongly recommend students to join us during the 1st Term, starting in September.