Highgate Creative Writing Competition


Our Juniors took part in an island-wide Creative Writing Competition. We are pleased to announce that we have two winners. Stefan Dobre (Year 3E) won second prize for his entry and Pulato Rakhimov (Year 4E) received first prize.The awards were given to the winners during a special assembly of the Primary School. Congratulations! Stefan and Pulato received certificates and gift vouchers and their stories will also be printed in the 'Cyprus Mail' Education Pages.

Here are the essays:

The Box - By Stefan Dobre (3E)
A very long time ago, there was a little girl called Daisy. Daisy lived with her mum and dad in a cottage by the forest. She loved painting her dreams and her wishes and all sorts of things like that. For her birthday, her mum and dad dug hole in the forest and hid a magic pot with magic paints. Over the spot they made a big red cross. They put clues all over the forest so that it would be like a treasure hunt. At last, her birthday came. Daisy’s mum gave her the first clue. It said: KEEP ON MOVING FORWARD 2 KILOMETRES UNTIL YOU REACH A GIANT BRISTLECONE PINE. THERE, HIDDEN IN THE SOIL, IS YOUR NEXT CLUE. They drove to the giant tree and searched for one hour to find the clue. They found it. The next clue said: LOOK TOWARDS THE SEA AND YOU WILL SEE A GIANT SPOTTY ROCK. IN ONE OF THOSE SPOTS THE NEXT CLUE IS HIDDEN. So they went and found the last clue. It said: IF YOU LOOK VERY EXTREMELY CAREFULLY YOU WILL FIND A RED CORSS. So they looked and they looked and they looked. They found the big, red cross and they dug out the box with magic paints. They drove back to the cottage and went to sleep. In the box, the paints started to come to life. They jumped out of the box, squeaking “wig,wig,wig,wig,wig.” In the morning they were still jumping about piping, “wig, wig, wig, wig, wig.” Mum went with her to the pet shop and bought a proper cage for the paintbrushes. The paints were very happy with their new cage and so was Daisy




The Box By Pulato Rakhimov
Once there was a fearless hunter, hunting dangerous animals in an enchanted forest. He saw a golden deer. It started speaking; it told the hunter that there was a box with some immeasurable power. The hunter was determined to get that epic box. He went through deserts; he fought blizzards, penguins and monsters. He stopped for a break in a village in Greenland where he met an Oracle. She told him, “You will find what you seek in a cave of the strongest moufflon of them all in Cyprus. However, he will try to stop you.” He slept and he saw dreams of the unlimited power of the box. He travelled to Cyprus, the island of peace. He went to the Vester Mountains to find the moufflon. In the mountains, beyond the cave, was a whole army of moufflons. He jumped in the middle and swung his sword all around the place. He went into the cave to kill the moufflon but his sword had broken. He had to fight hand to hand. The hunter concentrated on the box. He kicked the moufflon in the face and the true battle began. They wrestled and the hunter broke the moufflon’s spine. He opened the box and inside was the holy bacon. He ate it and got control of all matter. Children: from this legend you should have learned that if you really need something or need to do something, if you truly want to you will get on and do it!


Caring for the Environment

Following the awards to the two students, EAL teacher, Mrs Le Boutillier gave a presentation on caring for the environment and what everyone can do to help save the planet from the environmental crisis.

Students were urged to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Mrs Le Boutillier praised students for their efforts in this direction and for the improvement noted in the school yard and the good work done by the environmental monitors.


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