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What time does the school day start and finish

Pupils have to be at school for registration with their form teacher at 7:40am.Primary school finishes at 1:00pm and Secondary school finishes at 2:10pm.

What time are the breaks and can pupils buy food

1st break is 9:50-10:10am and second break is 12:10 pm-12:25pm.Pupils can purchase food from the cafeteria or bring their own packed lunch.

Do you have a school uniform

Uniform is compulsory consisting of grey trousers and skirts and a full a winter uniform of a blazer, jumper, blouse/shirt, tie. During the summer the uniform is a lighter polo t.-shirt. Also pupils wear a winter and summer P.E. kit.


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Where can we buy the uniform from

In school, we have a school shop where all uniform and books can be purchased.

Are there extracurriculur clubs and activities

There are extracurricular programmes for Primary and Senior school, with clubs such as a drama, art and sports.


What curriculum do you follow

We follow the English curriculum adapted to meet the local requirements; the medium of instruction is English.

Do the pupils learn Greek
Yes it is mandatory from Reception class to Year 9 for the pupils to learn Greek, from Year 10 it is only compulsory for Cypriot pupils to take the subject. The pupils are streamed in sets of native and non native. The native pupils also learn Greek history.

What exams do the pupils take at the end of the school
At the end of Year 9 pupils choose which subjects they would like to study during Years 10 & 11 and then take examinations at IGCSE level .These subjects can be those which they have a particular talent in and or subjects that are associated with their chosen career path. If pupils wish to stay with us for Years 12 &13 they will study chosen subjects at A’ S & A’ level.



How can parents / Guardians get involved in the school community
We have a PTA who are involved in organising social and fund raising events. We also encourage Parents of the Primary school pupils to assist us at events such as swimming and school excursions.


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