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The Institute offers exciting possibilities for education in the afternoon open to both students of the school and to external students.

 Within our Institute we are running the….

Language Institute

 “One language sets you in a corridor for life.  Two languages open every door along the way” – Frank Smith.

 ‘Language creates opportunity' is our new Institute slogan. The aim is to show students that with every new language, there is a new window of opportunity – it creates direction.

 The Institute logo is fun and playful.  It inspires and invites.  The tree demonstrates the effectiveness of learning (branching out).  The more languages a person knows, the greater the opportunities one has.  The languages offered are featured on all the hands encouraging action – seize the opportunity!

 English Classes

The Institute supports afternoon English lessons for English and Non-English speaking students. Our lessons are based on the Cambridge ESOL examinations (for Non-English speaking students). For English students more emphasis is given on written work. The courses lead to an IGCSE qualification in English as a first language or English as a second language.

 European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)

ECDL was introduced in the late 90's with the goal of providing an international standard for competence and certification in the use of computers. An ECDL certificate confirms that the holder can use computers to a certain standard. Today, ECDL certification is much sought-after by employers including governments. ECDL has been adopted widely and millions of people in Europe have gained certification.

The school is an Approved Test Centre for the ECDL organisation where students can receive training in the ECDL modules and achieve certification.

ECDL classes are now being offered in the afternoon to internal and external students who are interested in gaining a qualification in the use of computers.

The Institute also offers a variety of other classes and courses based on demand.

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