Today, I witnessed a small but amazing scene in our cafeteria. It was quarter past one and the place was very busy – as we all know it sometimes is! 

There was a queue at the cash till and there was Mrs Androula with her staff, doing their best to serve everyone within a reasonable amount of time. A few steps in front of me stood one of our young men from Year 12. He bought a small snack and went on his way. Then, it happened.

In the heat of the battle, Kyria Androula had given him the wrong change – 10 cents too much. This young man did not pocket the amount. He brought it back.

Sure enough, 10 cents is very little money and the Cafeteria might not even have noticed the shortfall. But it’s the thought and the principle that matter. 

The young man in question – he knows who he is! – is my hero today and his character a shining example to his fellow students. Thank you and congratulations!

Until the next time…!

(SSG 14/12/16)


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