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Last November, I retraced my steps back to ISOP (where I was a student from 2007 to 2020) with the hopes of sharing my experience of being a university student in London, and to assure the current students that starting university isn’t as scary as in the movies. Here are the two main topics I discussed, which I have gathered since graduating.

Student Life at UCL

UCL is known to be one of the more social universities in London, sitting right in the heart of Bloomsbury – a quiet and very safe area of Central London.  Though campus life may not be as tightly-knit as a campus-based university, it’s far from non-existent. You’ll be certain to find a friend or two in the library, in the Waterstones by campus, or in one of the local pubs. As a first-year student, you’ll have an even easier time finding friends through UCL student accommodation halls, where everything from study plans, to sport outings, to pub crawls are constantly being planned! One thing I loved about UCL, was that it was extremely easy to meet young people with similar interests as you through joining societies. There are all sorts – sports, art, degree-based, or even just common interest (such as the Harry Potter Society, or the Pokémon Society). There are free taster sessions at the beginning of the year, so make sure not to miss out!

Student Life in London

Although studying in a major metropolis as London may seem intimidating, the bustling city life gives students a chance to make friends across all University of London, as well as explore everything from museums, art, historical buildings, and the beautiful parks of the city. You’re never bored! I particularly enjoyed continuously finding new spots to study, whether it was at a local café, or in one of the many University of London libraries. Finally, living in London as a student admittedly opens up countless doors for career and networking opportunities. If that’s something you’re oriented towards, UCL should definitely be an option to consider.