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Welcome message

Welcome Message

At our Institute, we offer classes focused on the social, emotional, and intellectual development of our children, to enable them to realise their full potential in learning another language and a variety of other subjects.

Our logo is symbolically a tree which demonstrates the effectiveness of learning, metaphorically branching out. The branches of the tree represent the different subjects we offer, reflecting many opportunities towards which to aspire.

With the use of ISOP Institute online platform, the institute provides students with an exciting, innovative learning tool that gives them the encouragement to communicate and create while learning in class or at home.

Our team of dedicated educators provides supplementary pedagogical support, using small-group tutorials that stimulate a passion and joy for learning in a child, which makes all lessons enjoyable. Discovering the fun of learning forms the core of our curriculum; when students are motivated, they are more likely to become independent and strategic thinkers, not only academically, but in other aspects of their lives as well.

We believe that in order for a student to flourish successfully, it is crucial that they are provided with:
  • A stimulating and nurturing environment
  • Access to an engaging curriculum
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Family support
  • The opportunity to receive small-group tutorials
  • Enthusiastic teachers
We assure you that in our Institute, your child will be nurtured and educated in a holistic manner, in order to be able to branch out as he/she grows from a sapling to a glorious tree.
Maria Kashiouli
Head of Institute