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Parents Teachers Association (PTA)

Parents Teachers Association (PTA)


The school has a very active Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) who is involved in organising social and fund-raising events.

Through the PTA parents can come closer, create a community that supports the school environment.


The PTA presents the PTA Awards for outstanding achievement to the Year 13 students at the Graduation Ceremony, including the Arts Award, Biology Award, Business Award, Chemistry Award, Economics Award, Humanities (Geography/History) Award, IT Award, Mathematics Award, Modern Languages Award and Physics Award. The winners in each category have been chosen by the school based on Apolytirion results and considering the effort and enthusiasm shown for the subject, the student’s character and his/her disciplinary record.

From 2022, the PTA introduced the PTA Leadership Award for Primary School, presented at the Year 6 Graduation Ceremony.

The PTA organises some big events such as the International Winter Fair, the Easter Fair, the Halloween Event -this year called ‘Trunk-or-Treat’-, the participation at the Paphos Carnival Parade and organising the Teachers and Staff Appreciation Week. They also organise some smaller events such as Bake Sales and Craft Days for the whole family.

Additionally, the PTA supports some of the school’s events, such as the theatre performances, first aid trainings, the History Week competitions and the PTA members volunteer in school events such as in school excursions and swimming galas. Finally, the PTA sponsors additional games and equipment for the playgrounds where is needed

PTA Board Members
  1. President – Anna Abramova
  2. Vice-President – Olga Ostrovskaiia
  3. Treasurer – Stella Luizinho
  4. Assistant Treasurer – Michelle Knott      
  5. Secretary – Trine Kau
  6. Assistant Secretary – Karen de Koning
  7. Advisor – Irina Danilenko   
  8. Advisor – Irina Lukoyanova
  9. Advisor – Marina Rogova
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