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ISOP fundraising gifts PASYKAF with car for 24-hour care

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In a remarkable display of community solidarity, The International School of Paphos (ISOP) has achieved a significant breakthrough in its philanthropic journey. In 2019, the school undertook its most ambitious project to date, by dedicating three years to rallying support for the vital needs of cancer patients in Paphos through an extensive fundraising campaign. By orchestrating carefully planned events and receiving generous contributions, the school’s Philanthropy Club and Pastoral Team successfully raised the impressive amount of 14,500 euros. This substantial sum was earmarked for the acquisition of a much-needed vehicle to facilitate the 24-hour care by Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF) in the Paphos District.

The pinnacle of this effort was realised on Saturday, 25 November 2023, during the ISOP Winter Fair, where the symbolic key to this essential vehicle was officially handed over to representatives from the PASYKAF organisation.

PASYKAF extends their heartfelt gratitude to ISOP for their generous contribution. Through the School’s Senior Management, they donated a NISSAN car valued at €11,000 and hospital equipment worth €3,500 for the benefit of cancer patients in Paphos. The District Administration Officer for PASYKAF, Mrs. Anna Constantinou warmly expressed, “The students’ and Management’s response is a testament to their compassion for vulnerable social groups. PASYKAF deeply appreciates Mrs. Aristi Andrioti, Managing Director of the school, Mr. Kyriakos Kasioulis, Head of School, and Mrs. Claire Polykarpou, Head of Secondary, for this commendable initiative. Having individuals like them as fellow travelers is crucial for our cause.”

This significant moment resonates as one of the most impactful and emotionally charged moments in the school’s history, fostering immense pride in the collective efforts of students, parents, and staff. Beyond the realm of traditional education, this initiative underscores the power of unified action, inspiring a generation that cares deeply for their fellow human beings. Mrs. Polycarpou, Head of Secondary, expressed, “By having a common goal, however large, it allows our students to see what is possible when small actions add up to one.”

The acquired vehicle will strengthen the PASYKAF Home Care Palliative Service, enabling the nursing team to extend their unparalleled care and support to numerous cancer patients in the Paphos district.

This philanthropic achievement is especially noteworthy given the challenging backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the physical closure of the school and the temporary shutdown of numerous businesses, the school community demonstrated unwavering resilience, raising a substantial sum through creative events, special days, and the sale of goods within the school.

As part of its ongoing commitment to social responsibility, the school continues its annual tradition of raising funds and goods for various causes, including supporting the Samaritans, various animal charities, the Red Cross, local hospices and the vulnerable families in the local community.

As the festive season unfolds, people can make a meaningful impact by offering support to those who are in need!

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