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ISOP Philanthropic Club

The enthusiastic activity of the ISOP Philanthropic Club, in the altruistic spirit of the season, have given hearty donations for various worthy causes: 270 euros to the Red Cross in food vouchers; loads of food, clothing and toys to the Paphos Volunteer Coordinative Council, which reaches out to local families in need. We extend a warm thank you to one of our ISOP families, represented by Zaurak Trading Ltd, who were very generous in donating food this year. A parcel of pet food will also be donated to the Tala Cat Sanctuary.. We have also raised funds for an orphanage in Tanzania which will be delivered in February. As every year, the receivers were most grateful for our much-needed donations. We are very grateful to those have opened their hearts this holiday season. We wish peace, happiness and warm family moments to all the members of our school community.


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