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JAMICS is a student-based company from the International School of Paphos, formed by 7 dynamic potential entrepreneurs desiring to eliminate the risk of forgetting to take medicines, as well as tackle the hassle of having to remember the correct prescriptions.

“Well, it is my personal experience that inspired me to come up with this idea. While I was researching on the internet in search of the global issues that we can propose a solution for, the word “medical reminder” crossed my mind as it reminded me of my diabetic grandfather who has sadly passed away. He often struggled to memorise the prescriptions for the awful lot of pills that he had to take. Also, it wasn’t uncommon for him to forget to take his medicines sometimes, ” said our bright-minded COO, Beatrice Marro. It is needless to say that even though casually forgetting to take medicines might not be an issue for the majority, it is still imperative for the rest to make sure that they won’t skip any pills as they could be of life-supporting significance to them.

Even though Cyprus has a relatively large proportion of the population that relies on medicines, surprisingly no other similar products have been invented to help patients like our SmartMeds pillbox would. In light of this situation, we, JAMICS, have decided to propose an innovative solution towards this market gap in the principle of helping those in need.

With reference to our market research analysis, we were shocked to discover that around 3/4 of the respondents had at least forgotten to take their medicines once, as well as nearly 65% of respondents indicating that they need to take medicines on a long-term basis. These responses have strongly contributed towards our confidence even more in inventing such a product. We firmly believe that our pillbox is going to be truly helpful. SmartMeds is our ultimate solution towards the issue we have described above- it is a combination of both a physical pillbox and a user-friendly application that intends to provide our users with the most optimal experience possible. The pillbox itself has 6 LEDs corresponding to each individual compartment on the encasement, aiming to remind the users regarding which compartment their specific type of medicine is stored in. Our application works in conjuction with the pillbox in that it transmits the signal containing the instruction of switching on the led via Bluetooth. Ssimultaneously, it sends a notification to the users’ smartphone telling them it is the time to take the medicine, with the correct prescription attached.

Another premium feature of our application is that it enables you to communicate with your doctors directly at a tap of a button as we understand it is troublesome to find your doctor contacts in a never-ending pile of paper.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the respondents who answered our questionnaire in a wonderful manner. We gratefully appreciate the 106 responses gathered since it has really helped us to improve SmartMeds. Last but not least, it is The International School of Paphos that provided us with this amazing opportunity to be a part of the JA Cyprus’ Company project. Our project coordinator, Mr. Antonis Yiannouros, who is also a highly respected teacher at ISOP, has helped us substantially throughout our first and foremost business journey. Also, Ms Vasoulla Neophytou-Savva has offered us a lot of helpful support in terms of developing the hardware. It is absolutely the least of what we can do to appreciate their generosity in this article.

Editors: Chen He and Beatrice Marro


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