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The International School of Paphos has always been active in raising funds and giving service to its local and international community. In 2019, the school started its biggest campaign to date to raise funds for much needed support for cancer patients in Paphos. The project ran for a period of three years and the focus evolved over time, as the needs of PASYKAF altered and the pandemic curtailed the fundraising. In total, through a variety of events and donations coordinated by the school’s Philanthropy Club and Pastoral Team, 14,500 Euros were raised to purchase a much-needed car to offer 24-hour care by nurses in the Paphos District. These funds were raised during the COVID pandemic which saw the school physically closed for periods of time, and many businesses shut.

Despite this adversity, however, the school’s community was still able to raise a considerable amount of money by hosting events, special days and selling goods within school. These events also helped the school feel more ‘normal’ and encourage a sense of togetherness amongst the students and teachers, combatting the effects of the pandemic. Events organised included a Moonwalk, Chocolate Sale, Mufti Days (including a Christmas Jumper Day), Training shoes days, participation in Winter Fairs and many others.

Only by coming together as one was this possible and, as Mrs. Polycarpou, Deputy Head, said, “by having a common goal, however large, allows our students to see what is possible when small actions add up to one.” The tangible result of the school’s philanthropic spirit – a new car – will be used by PASYKAF Home Care Palliative Services, to help the nursing team to continue its care.


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