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Academic Excellence Awards Ceremony 2023

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The annual Academic Excellence Awards Ceremony, a ceremony which is one of the most esteemed events of The International School of Paphos (ISOP), took place at the Markideio Theatre on Friday, 6th of October 2023.

A significant number of guests, including the Chairman, Μr Theodoros Aristodimou, members of the Board of Directors and shareholders, a Member of Parliament, Mr Charalambos Pazaros, the Rector of the American University of Beirut Mediterraneo, Dr Wasim El Hadjji, the President, the President of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA), Mrs Anna Abramova and members of the PTA, parents, students and staff members of the school, paid tribute to the outstanding achievements of our students.

As the Mistress of Ceremonies – Deputy Head of Secondary School- Mrs Eleni Nicolaou-Venizelou expressed, β€œThis is the nineteenth time we have come together to recognise and honour our students’ remarkable achievements. In the face of unprecedented global changes, our students have, not only, maintained their academic excellence, but have surpassed expectations. Their results in internal and external examinations stand as a testament to their dedication and hard work. None of this would have been possible without the tireless dedication of our exceptional educators and, without a doubt, the families who stood by their children, providing the foundation of love and support that has allowed them to overcome difficulties and barriers.”

During the event, a series of Special Prizes were awarded to 30 students, who succeeded in the following:

  • The International Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
  • 34th Pancyprian School Theatre Games in the category of Contemporary Theatre for Lyceums in the Paphos Area – 1st place
  • Regional Mathematics Competition – 1st place
  • PASCH, or Schools: Partners for the Future – 2 scholarships
  • Gymnasium Regional Track and Field Athletics Competition

(2nd place in 80m sprint, 1st place in 1000m, 1st place in long jump)

  • Lyceum Regional Track and Field Athletics Competition

(3rd Place in the 100m, 3rd Place in the 200m, 3rd Place in the 3000m, 2nd Place in Shot Put, 1st Place in Shot Put, 1st Place in 3000m)

  • Pancyprian Swimming Schools Competition – Gold Medal in the 100m butterfly
  • Sportsmanship Awards
  • ISOP Citizenship Award
  • ISOP Shield

The next to congratulate the students, from the podium, was the Head of School, Mr Kyriacos Kashouli, who shared his pride  towards the students’ outstanding accomplishments and for their hard work. He also expressed his acknowledgement of the teachers’ guidance and support, as well the invaluable role of the parents, β€œOur school’s mission is centred around fostering a well-rounded education, through collaboration with families and the broader community…”.

Mr Kashouli added that β€œOur goal is to nurture pupils into critical, independent thinkers who embrace lifelong learning and make significant contributions as global citizens…While academic excellence is at the heart of our mission, we also strive for holistic success. Our school places equal importance on the overall well-being of our students. Through a carefully crafted pastoral programme, we aim to metaphorically nourish not just their minds but also their hearts and spirits. We believe that true success encompasses emotional intelligence, resilience, and a sense of belonging, and we are committed to supporting our students in all these aspects.”

The programme of the ceremony continued with 122 Academic Awards presented to our students. In more detail:

  • 30 students received Certificates for Examination Success, Ahead of Time
  • 59 students received Academic Excellence Awards
  • 29 students received ISOP Scholarships
  • 4 students, received the Papacleovoulou Law Firm Scholarship Award for Greek Studies

The Deputy Head of School, Mr Nicolas Artemi, closed the official part of the ceremony by addressing the students: β€œRemember that tonight is a celebration not only of your academic accomplishments, but the incredible journey of growth, resilience, and determination that has brought you to this moment. We wish you continued success and have no doubt that you can fulfil your dreams. To those students whose fire has been sparked by tonight’s accomplishments, know that we are here as teachers to support you to reach those heights which you strive to achieve.” He concluded by also honouring, recognising and highlighting the values of ISOP: β€œTeam- work, discipline, commitment to a goal, empathy, respect. All of these are the core of the operation of our organisation and the main reason for our school’s continuous thriving progress.”

The programme of the evening, as every year, was enriched with a selection of artistic touches, music and dance, presented by talented students of our school, under the guidance of their inspirational teachers.

The ceremony was followed by a reception with delicious treats, kindly prepared by the school’s Cafeteria staff and the kind support of the Kolios Winery.

This was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to meet and rejoice in our students’ successes.

Congratulations to all ISOP students!


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