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18th Mediterranean Model United Nations (MEDIMUN) Conference

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Six ISOP students participated in the18th Mediterranean Model United Nations (MEDIMUN) Conference on February 3rd and 4th, 2023, in Nicosia. During the conferences, students become delegates, as representatives of a UN Member State that has been allocated to them. After extensive research into their allocated country, delegates discuss, write and debate resolutions (documents detailing their suggestions and solutions to world issues). Directors, usually teachers, are responsible for training and leading their delegation of students. Our students, representing India and Liberia, had a unique experience. This opportunity allows for strengthening their writing and communication skills, while broadening their understanding of complex world issues and meeting other young people from across the Mediterranean.
Our students Himali Sharma, Year 12 and Luna Shihan Liu, Year 10 stated that “We would like to thank ISOP for presenting us with such a wonderful opportunity to be a part of MEDIMUN 2023. MEDIMUN helped us grow as people and voice our opinions , giving us a glimpse into brilliant minds from around the island. It’s honestly amusing to see so many different individuals with exceptional opinions. Special thanks to our teachers for giving us their time and support. We definitely are even more confident and passionate about world problems now. It was truly an eye-opening experience that has provided us with different perspectives to view the world around us.”


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