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Students have to be at school for registration with their form teacher at 7:40am. Primary school finishes at 1:05pm and Secondary school finishes at 2:15pm.

1st break is 9:50-10:10am and second break is 12:10 pm-12:25pm. Students can purchase food from the cafeteria or bring their own packed lunch.

Uniform is compulsory, consisting of grey trousers and skirts and a full a winter uniform of a blazer, jumper, blouse/shirt, tie. During the summer, the uniform is a lighter polo t-shirt. Also, students wear a winter and summer P.E. kit. Infants Uniform Junior Uniform Secondary Uniform

We have a school shop, on the premises, where you can purchase all books and uniform.

There are extracurricular programmes for Primary and Secondary School, with clubs such as a Drama, Art, Sports and academically-related clubs.

We follow the English curriculum adapted to meet the local requirements; the medium of instruction is English.

It is mandatory from Reception class to Year 9 for students to learn Greek. From Year 10, it is only compulsory for Cypriot students to take the subject. The students are streamed in sets of Native and Non-native teaching groups. The Native students also learn Greek History.

At the end of Year 9, students choose which subjects they would like to study during Years 10 & 11 and then take examinations at IGCSE level. These subjects can be those in which they have a particular talent and/or subjects that are associated with their chosen career path. If students wish to stay with us for Years 12 &13, they will study chosen subjects at AS & A2 level.

We have a PTA who are involved in organising social and fund-raising events. We also encourage parents of the Primary School students to assist us at events, such as swimming and school excursions.