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Cypriot MEP Loucas Fourlas visits our school

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The International School of Paphos proudly welcomed Cypriot Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Loucas Fourlas on January 24, 2024. MEP Fourlas, the esteemed recipient of the Health and Wellbeing Award at The Parliament Magazine’s annual MEP Awards, made his inaugural visit to our school.

This distinguished occasion unfolded within the framework of the European Parliament Ambassador School Programme (EPAS), of which our school is one of the 24 participating institutions in Cyprus.

As part of the EPAS, our school’s Student and Teacher Ambassadors engaged in a meaningful conversation with MEP Fourlas about European Union subjects. The dialogue centred on understanding the organisation, role and functions of the European Parliament. Students expressed their concerns, posed thought-provoking questions, and MEP Fourlas, in his communicative and warm manner, candidly addressed them. He shared personal experiences, providing valuable insights into the practical dimensions of the issues managed by MEPs and the current challenges faced by the European Union.

Our students presented MEP Fourlas with a booklet containing their EU concerns. Our Ambassadors articulated their thoughts on various EU-related matters, showcasing their keen interest and engagement in European affairs. MEP Loucas graciously accepted the booklet, promising to read each contribution carefully and respond to the students.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to MEP Fourlas for his visit to our school. The experience was not only informative, but also inspiring for our students. We eagerly anticipate more visits, not only from this esteemed dignitary but also from other MEPs, as we strive to broaden our understanding of European Parliamentary Democracy.

In conclusion, The International School of Paphos expresses gratitude to MEP Loucas Fourlas for a memorable visit, marking a significant step in our commitment toward European Parliamentary Education. We eagerly anticipate further collaboration and engagement in the dynamic initiatives of the European Parliament Ambassador School Programme.

About the EPAS network

The EPAS network aims to heighten students’ awareness of European Parliamentary Democracy, the role of the European Parliament and European values. It encourages active participation in EU democratic processes, targeting students from diverse educational, social and geographical backgrounds.

Teachers and students, appointed as Senior and Junior Ambassadors, play a crucial role in implementing the programme. They organise lessons on European Parliamentary Democracy, utilising interactive educational materials provided by the European Parliament. Ambassadors undertake activities such as creating an EU Info Point, organising Europe Day events and generating social media content. They collaborate with MEPs, fellow Ambassadors and partners, sharing ideas with their communities.

At the end of each school year, the activities are evaluated, leading to the certification of schools as Ambassador Schools. Senior and Junior Ambassadors receive certificates in ceremonies organised by local European Parliament Liaison Offices, often attended by Members of the European Parliament, national and local authorities, and partners.


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