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Group exhibition: “Re:mix – An Artist’s Choice”

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The Petrideion Foundation held a group exhibition titled “Re:mix – An Artist’s Choice” at the Cultural Centre “Palia Ilektriki”. The school was very proud to have our versatile Art Teacher, Mr Yiannis Nicolaou Yiannis Nicolaou, participating with three very interesting works of art.

The curators invited the artists of Paphos to delve into their archives and select their favourite pieces for a love confession that will now enthrall the exhibition visitors, the audience- all of us.

The concept , although not a rigid requirement, holds special significance, as the “Re:” in the exhibition title refers to the retrospective and signifies the artists’ aspirations for the exhibition to exude a character of inner reflection with our insightful interpretations.

Furthermore, aiming to reintroduce the audience and the artists of Paphos to each other, the curators requested a brief expression about each artistic piece, indicating the rationale behind the artists’ choices—why they love and cherish that particular masterpiece.


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