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As is customary, the students and teaching staff had the opportunity to vote for and to elect the Head Students, who will represent the school during the new academic year 2022-2023. The three candidates who have been elected are:

  • Head Student, Mario Arapakis
  • Deputy Head Student, Eleni Vlotoma
  • Deputy Head Student, Jackson He

This year we were very happy to see so many candidates, full of energy and passion, aspiring to support the school and also generating fresh and innovative ideas. We would like to wish them all the best in their new important role and we want to assure them that the Management of the school and their teachers will be there to listen and to collaborate with them.

“The students and teachers of ISOP have spoken- we now celebrate the victory of electing the very foundation of the student body. I am truly honoured and proud to have had so much support from so many fellow students and teachers. As the new Head Student, I cannot describe how excited I am to work with you all. This, without question, will be a memorable year at ISOP. With your continued support and our focus, it will be the best year yet. Thank you all” Mario Arapakis

“A heartfelt thank you to everyone who voted this year. The support you have given me and my fellow head students since the elections has been amazing. This year, with your help, we plan to organise as many events, sales and mufti days as we can, and create memories for not just the Year 13s, but for the whole school. I hope we will make an impact and succeed in being a voice for you, the students” Eleni Vlotoma

“Having attained the role of Deputy Head Student has been very fortunate and I’d like to guarantee everyone that I will fulfil the responsibilities to the best of my abilities. Let’s go and make this year a memorable one and hopefully leave a legacy for the great ISOP community” Jackson He


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