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Academic Excellence Awards 2022

The International School of Paphos (ISOP) celebrated the outstanding achievements of our students during the annual Academic Excellence Awards Ceremony that was held on Friday, 7th of October 2022, at the Sports Hall. As one of the most important events of the school, a significant number of guests attended the ceremony, including the Chairman, Μr Theodoros Aristodimou, members of The Board of Directors and shareholders, Members of the Parliament, Mr Charalambos Pazaros and Mr Chrysanthos Savvides, the President, Mrs Anna Abramova and members of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA), parents, students and staff members of the school.

As the Master of the Ceremonies, Deputy Head, Mr Nicolas Artemi expressed how proud the school is of the accomplishments of our students, “They have been a wonderful cohort who have faced up to the challenges of this difficult and demanding period, with a sense of purpose and dignity. I am confident that they will take this spirit forward with them, go on to do great things and contribute to the common good.”

The Head of School, Dr Litsa Olympiou, stated that the award ceremony provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the preceding year and share the achievements of our students. She continued by adding that, “We are here to publically share this success which is the result the sheer hard work and perseverance of our students, as well as their teachers. Undoubtedly, this is only possible with the constant support of parents.”

During the Academic Excellence Awards Ceremony, 128 academic awards were given in total. In more detail:

  • 24 students received Certificates for Examination Success, Ahead of Time
  • 74 students received Academic Excellence Awards
  • 30 students, who achieved outstanding academic results, received scholarships that exceed the important amount of €30.000:

            >27 students received the ISOP Scholarships and

            >3 students, received the Papacleovoulou Law Firm Scholarship Award for Greek Studies

Additionally, a series of Special Prizes were awarded to 24 students, who succeeded in the following:

  • The International Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
  • Sportsmanship Awards
  • Pancyprian Informatics Competition – Bebras Challenge – 1st place
  • Greek Theatre Award – 2nd prize
  • Pan-Cyprian Student Music Competition – 3rd prize
  • Junior Achievement Company Programme – 2nd prize
  • Science Tech Challenge – 3rd prize
  • Outstanding Cambridge Learners Awards
  • Citizenship Award
  • ISOP Shield

The programme of the ceremony was enriched by artistic touches presented by talented students of the school – piano performing, singing and rhythmic gymnastics- inspired by their motivated teachers.

This was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to meet and rejoice in our students’ successes.

The shareholder and board member Mrs Evi Papacleovoulou described the event as truly exceptional and highlighted that “Watching the young generation strive for the best version of themselves, putting in hard work, ethics and effort leaves a hopeful message to our hearts.”

Congratulations to all ISOP students!


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