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The International School of Paphos has always been active in raising funds and giving service to its local and international community. In 2019, the school started its biggest campaign to date to raise funds for much needed support for cancer patients in Paphos. The project ran for a period of three years and the focus evolved over time, as the needs of PASYKAF altered and the pandemic curtailed the fundraising. In total, through a variety of events and donations coordinated by the school’s Philanthropy Club and Pastoral Team, 14,500 Euros were raised to purchase a much-needed car to offer 24-hour care by nurses in the Paphos District. These funds were raised during the COVID pandemic which saw the school physically closed for periods of time, and many businesses shut.


Despite this adversity, however, the school’s community was still able to raise a considerable amount of money by hosting events, special days and selling goods within school. These events also helped the school feel more ‘normal’ and encourage a sense of togetherness amongst the students and teachers, combatting the effects of the pandemic. Events organised included a Moonwalk, Chocolate Sale, Mufti Days (including a Christmas Jumper Day), Training shoes days, participation in Winter Fairs and many others.


Only by coming together as one was this possible and, as Mrs. Polycarpou, Deputy Head, said, “by having a common goal, however large, allows our students to see what is possible when small actions add up to one.” The tangible result of the school’s philanthropic spirit – a new car – will be used by PASYKAF Home Care Palliative Services, to help the nursing team to continue its care.


The International School of Paphos has been a part of the project “Schools: Partners for the Future” (PASCH) for 3 years. In 2008, the project as such was launched by the German Federal Foreign Office’s cultural relations and education policy with the aim to awaken and sustain young people’s interest in and enthusiasm for contemporary Germany.

Following this ultimate goal, we are extremely proud of our Year 9 German learners, who participated in the international theatrical project initiated between the Goethe-Institut in Nicosia and the German Youth Theater “Kaktus” in Münster, Germany. The cooperation consisted of 2 main events:


The first being the Theatrical performance “It is in blood” by the Youth Theater “Cactus” from Germany.

The second part was a theatrical workshop with enthusiastic German students from Year 9 at our school.

 Their hard work, enthusiasm and dedication during the workshop led to their own German theatrical performance on the topic: sustainability and environment. Their play touched on some current problems, but at the same time, maintained a positive spirit, as well as brought a smile to everyone’s faces. The main message of working together as a team, to create a change and make the world a better place, was delivered also symbolically in the powerful finale dance, uniting all students.


Seeing the children cooperating and supporting each other throughout their whole involvement in the project, daring to reach beyond their comfort zone, perform in front of their fellow students, using their German knowledge in a completely new context, are achievements that will benefit them greatly in the future.


JAMICS is a student-based company from the International School of Paphos, formed by 7 dynamic potential entrepreneurs desiring to eliminate the risk of forgetting to take medicines, as well as tackle the hassle of having to remember the correct prescriptions.

“Well, it is my personal experience that inspired me to come up with this idea. While I was researching on the internet in search of the global issues that we can propose a solution for, the word “medical reminder” crossed my mind as it reminded me of my diabetic grandfather who has sadly passed away. He often struggled to memorise the prescriptions for the awful lot of pills that he had to take. Also, it wasn’t uncommon for him to forget to take his medicines sometimes, ” said our bright-minded COO, Beatrice Marro. It is needless to say that even though casually forgetting to take medicines might not be an issue for the majority, it is still imperative for the rest to make sure that they won’t skip any pills as they could be of life-supporting significance to them.

Even though Cyprus has a relatively large proportion of the population that relies on medicines, surprisingly no other similar products have been invented to help patients like our SmartMeds pillbox would. In light of this situation, we, JAMICS, have decided to propose an innovative solution towards this market gap in the principle of helping those in need.

With reference to our market research analysis, we were shocked to discover that around 3/4 of the respondents had at least forgotten to take their medicines once, as well as nearly 65% of respondents indicating that they need to take medicines on a long-term basis. These responses have strongly contributed towards our confidence even more in inventing such a product. We firmly believe that our pillbox is going to be truly helpful. SmartMeds is our ultimate solution towards the issue we have described above- it is a combination of both a physical pillbox and a user-friendly application that intends to provide our users with the most optimal experience possible. The pillbox itself has 6 LEDs corresponding to each individual compartment on the encasement, aiming to remind the users regarding which compartment their specific type of medicine is stored in. Our application works in conjuction with the pillbox in that it transmits the signal containing the instruction of switching on the led via Bluetooth. Ssimultaneously, it sends a notification to the users’ smartphone telling them it is the time to take the medicine, with the correct prescription attached.

Another premium feature of our application is that it enables you to communicate with your doctors directly at a tap of a button as we understand it is troublesome to find your doctor contacts in a never-ending pile of paper.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the respondents who answered our questionnaire in a wonderful manner. We gratefully appreciate the 106 responses gathered since it has really helped us to improve SmartMeds. Last but not least, it is The International School of Paphos that provided us with this amazing opportunity to be a part of the JA Cyprus’ Company project. Our project coordinator, Mr. Antonis Yiannouros, who is also a highly respected teacher at ISOP, has helped us substantially throughout our first and foremost business journey. Also, Ms Vasoulla Neophytou-Savva has offered us a lot of helpful support in terms of developing the hardware. It is absolutely the least of what we can do to appreciate their generosity in this article.

Editors: Chen He and Beatrice Marro

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards

Learners from The International School of Paphos achieve top results in Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards

 Ten learners from The International School of Paphos have received prestigious awards from Cambridge Assessment International Education to acknowledge their outstanding performance in the May/June 2021 Cambridge Examination Session.

 The Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards programme celebrates the success of learners taking Cambridge examinations in over 40 countries around the world. Cambridge places learners at the centre of their international education programmes and provides qualifications which are inspired by the best in educational thinking.


We would like to congratulate the following learners at ISOP received Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards:

 Xingtong Zhu – Top in Cyprus – Business Studies

Beatrice Marro – Top in Cyprus – ICT

Arian Adeli Koodehi – Top in Cyprus – Business and IT

Anastasia Uskova – High Achievement – Combined Science

Eleni Vlotomas – High Achievement – Economics

Christine Steinberg – High Achievement – Foreign Language German

Christopher Luizinho – High Achievement – Economics

Nikolas Hadjipaschalis – High Achievement – Biology and Chemistry

Andreas Tavros – High Achievement – Business

George Kuznetsov – High Achievement – IT

The Head of The International School of Paphos, Dr Litsa Olympiou, highlighted that
the awards recognised the talent, dedication and commitment of both learners
and staff. She said: “I am really touched by the achievements of our students,
who have made and continue to make our school and their families proud. Their excellent
examination results reflect their skills and capabilities which they consistently
develop. A warm thank you to our teachers, who in unprecedented and adverse conditions, maintained their dedication and sense of professionalism.

Top performing learners will receive their Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards at a school ceremony in June 2022. Nicholas Artemis, Deputy Head said: ‘It is extremely rewarding to celebrate the success of the learners and teachers at ISOP who have worked so hard to achieve tremendous results in the Cambridge Examinations. The success reflects the enormous talent in The International School of Paphos, not only amongst learners, but also within the teaching profession. Learners from ISOP have a bright future ahead of them, and I wish them every success’.

About Cambridge Assessment International Education 

Assessment International Education prepares school students for life, helping
them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. We are
part of the University of Cambridge.

Our Cambridge Pathway gives students a clear path for educational success from 5 to 19. Schools can shape the curriculum around how they want students to learn – with a wide range of subjects and flexible ways to offer them. It helps students discover new abilities and talents within a wider world, and gives them the skills they need for life, so they can achieve at school, university and work. 

for ISOP Parents and Guardians

Courtesy of The International School of Paphos for Parents and Guardians. We are pleased that out Continuous Professional Development (CPD) platform has been renewed. Now parents can join our Teachers and staff in accessing a wide range of resources aimed at enriching our knowledge and awareness as a community, to better support our children. 

RESTORE OUR EARTH in school Field Trip

The future belongs to our youth at The International School of Paphos. We believe only by engaging our students in environmental awareness can we hope to help our planet survive. This care for our planet starts at a young age and as we teach students from 2 ½ to 19 years old, we have the unique opportunity to nurture a child’s development by making good life choices for the ecology surrounding us. As educators, it is our duty to illustrate the consequence of options, not just now but also in the future, in order to develop rounded, positive global citizens. Many people rise to a challenge and therefore a challenge that anyone however young can engage in, was the key to our action for the environment this year. A challenge to a person, or family under pandemic conditions has to be thought through, but if channeled appropriately can alter the family’s way of life and make significant impact on the environment taking into consideration the contribution by the number of families in a school.

We continue to be an Eco-School, and after 10 years of challenging our students to accentuate their contribution to our planet, we have to be creative in how to engage our students, whilst continuing to challenge them into new ways of reducing their carbon footprint, reducing their waste, decreasing their consumption and increasing the ‘green’ around them. The Philanthropy Club, run by students online through our Microsoft Teams platforms has continued to perform throughout the year being involved in projects and activities. Many of these ideas this year linked to the Eco-Schools activities.

The month-long Environmental Challenge was run during March – April and started with Earth Hour, encouraging all to switch off their lights and share the message on 24th March. From this date onwards, each day there was a different challenge designed by students for others to participate in. These activities varied from looking as well known recycling projects to lesser-known pollution issues such as noise and light. Each activity / challenge was designed in such a manner that an individual or family could participate at whatever age. Hopefully some of these actions would be small enough to become part of the daily lives of the families and students due to our encouragement. The students who participate will also receive a sprout pencil as a reward.

One of the challenges is to full the turtle ‘Kosmas’. The turtle was donated by the Eco-School’s team to collect plastic. The initiative of this is to ensure that the plastic is not only recycled, but also that the amount that we generate is on view so students are aware of how much we are impacting the planet.

Another challenge is RESTORE OUR EARTH Field trip in school. This is for our students (age 7-14) to participate in a field trip, although due to COVID restrictions we cannot leave the school. During the day, students participate in planting seeds, cuttings and each year group will plant and adopt a fruit tree to look after during their time at school. The graduating class will then pass this tree onto the newest students care for to. During the day, students also learn about the parts of a plant we eat, why we need insects, look for these insects, build an insect hotel and make coral polyps to understand that the environment is not just on land. The students will have a chance to clean up different areas around the school and learn why recycling is so important.  

All of these challenges and activities have to be interesting to motivate our students to get up and do something. They also have to be small enough to be manageable and important enough that the students see they are making a difference. This is the key, by working together, taking small steps, we can make a difference. By maintaining this momentum, we can make it the norm and therefore create a generational change.

Special thank you to our Sponsors for helping making the Field Trip possible.
We would like to extend our thank you to School’s Caretakers for their help and support during the day.

Winners of Paphos' Heart of Gold!

Great news! The Philanthropy Club has been awarded the Paphos Junior Heart of Gold award for this year. Hearts of Gold Cyprus is under the auspices of the Paphos Municipality and the British High Commission in Nicosia, and celebrates humanity, philanthropy and friendship. Our Philanthropy Club's zeal, humanitarian spirit and down right kindness has clearly impressed the local community. Congratulations to all its members for their volunteerism, hard work and dedication to so many trust-worthy causes. We all CAN make a difference and are honoured for the opportunity to do so.
The International School of Paphos together with the Goethe-Institut in Cyprus offered our German learners on the A2 and B1 level of The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which is an international standard for describing language ability, to apply and take part in one week online German course Scholarship. It is with great pleasure, that we can inform you, that 6 of our students have been chosen after a selection process to complete this online course. We are very proud of them and looking forward to seeing more and more students getting engaged in our PASCH (The “Schools: Partners for the Future”) projects.
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The International School of Paphos (ISOP) has the ability to create accounts for all students to allow for collaborative sharing, based on our custom implementation of Office 365 for These accounts will be used for school-related projects. The rules governing proper electronic communications by students are included in the IT Acceptable Use Policy. Once accounts are assigned, students gain access to the wealth of collaborative tools available through Office 365. However, no student will be assigned an account without parent or guardian consent.

This account is housed on Microsoft servers, thereby giving the student access to Office Online (Word App, Excel App, PowerPoint App, and OneNote App), email, and calendar, website authoring tools, wikis and other additional services. This will allow the student to collaborate with teachers and other students. An Office 365 account is an essential part of ISOP Modern IT plans.

Parents/Guardians have the ability to request full access to their child’s Office 365 account. The accounts will not be able to email anyone outside the ISOP student/teacher community. However, parents can request permission to email their child’s ISOP email account at any time (this will be the only “external” email correspondence allowed).

Students will be assigned an email account. This account will be considered the student’s official ISOP email address until such time as the student is no longer enrolled at ISOP. The naming convention will be the student’s initials and ending with Please note, if a student emails the teacher, that email will go directly to the teacher’s official email account.

Students are responsible for appropriate behaviour just as they are in a traditional school building. It is not acceptable and, in some cases, unlawful to use obscene, profane, threatening, or disrespectful language. Communication with others should always be course related. Students will receive guidance on the appropriate use of emails. Students should notify the teacher of anything inappropriate or that makes them uncomfortable. Bullying will not be tolerated, and the privacy of others must be respected at all times.

The use of Office 365 is considered a privilege accorded at the discretion of The International School of Paphos. The school maintains the right to immediately withdraw the access and use of the account when there is reason to believe that violations have occurred. In such cases, the student will be referred to the Head of Pastoral for further investigation and application of necessary consequences as indicated in the Student Code of Conduct.

ISOP cannot and does not guarantee the security of electronic files located on Microsoft systems. Although Office 365 does have a powerful content filter in place, the school cannot assure that users will not be exposed to non-educational material. ISOP reserves the right to access and review content in Office 365 at any time. ISOP complies with all Cypriot and EU GDPR as well as privacy laws. As with any educational endeavour, we feel that a strong home school partnership is essential for a successful experience. Therefore, we are asking your permission to provide an Office 365 account to your child. Please fill out and return this permission slip to your child’s Form Teacher.

The student Office 365 account will remain in effect until written notice is submitted to the school or the student is no longer enrolled at The International School of Paphos.

Data Protection Statement and Medial/Photography Consent

Personal Data:

The International School of Paphos is a Data Controller under the Data Protection Acts of 2018. The personal data supplied is required for the purposes of:

  • Student enrolment
  • Student registration
  • Allocation of teachers and resources
  • Determining a student’s eligibility for additional learning supports
  • Examinations
  • School administration
  • Child welfare (including medical welfare) and to
  • Fulfil our other legal obligations

School Contacting You:

Please confirm whether you are happy for us to contact you by SMS/text message/email, to call you on the telephone numbers provided and to send you emails for the purposes of:

  • Sports days
  • Parent-teacher meetings
  • School concerts/events
  • To notify you of school closure
  • To notify you of your child’s non-attendance or late attendance or any other issues relating to your child’s conduct in school
  • To communicate with you in relation to your child’s social, emotional and educational progress, and to contact you in the case of an emergency.

While the information provided will generally be treated as private and will be collected and used in compliance with the Data Protection Acts 2018, from time to time it may be necessary for us to transfer your personal data to other bodies (including the Ministry of Education & Culture). We rely on parents/guardians and students to provide us with accurate and complete information; to update us in relation to any change in the information provided. Should you wish to update or access your/your child’s personal data, you should write to the Head of School requesting an Access Request Form.

Data Protection Policy

A copy of the full Data Protection Policy is available from the Admissions team on request, it is important that you and your child read it carefully. When you complete your application, you will be asked to sign that you consent to your data /your child’s data being collected, processed and used in accordance with the Data Protection Policy during the course of their time as a student in the school. Where the student is over 16 years old, they will be asked to sign their consent to this.

Photographs and Digital Images of Students

We may take photographs and video recordings of the children at our school. We may use these images as part of our school displays and sometimes in our school’s prospectus or in other printed publications that we produce. We may also use them as follows:

  • School website
  • Social media platforms
  • Educational use
  • Events and

If we use photographs of individual students, we will not use the name of that child in the accompanying text or photo caption. If we name a student in the text, we will not use a photograph of that child to accompany the article. For example, if a child has won an award and the parent would like the name of their child to accompany their picture, we will obtain additional permission from the parent before using the image.

From time to time, our school may be visited by the media who will take photographs or film footage of an event or celebration. Students will often appear in these images, which may be part of local or national newspapers, websites or on televised news programmes.

To comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we need your permission before we can photograph or make any recordings of your child. You will be asked to complete a Photography and Media consent form which will provide you with specific details about how we may use images of your child/children and enable you to give specific consent.

Conditions of School Use:

This form is valid indefinitely from the date you sign it. It is your responsibility to let us know if you want to change or withdraw your agreement at any time.

We will not re-use any photographs or recordings a year after your child leaves this school. Historic photographs will remain on our school website and social media platforms.

We, the school, will not use the personal details or full names (which means first name and surname) of any child in a photographic image on video, on our website, in our school prospectus or in any of our printed publications.

We will not include personal email, postal addresses, telephone numbers or fax numbers on video, on the website, in our school prospectus or in other printed publications.

If we use photographs of individual students, we will not use the name of that child in the accompanying text or photo caption, unless we have your consent.

If we name a student in the text, we will not use a photograph of that child to accompany the article, unless we have your consent.

We may use group or class photographs or footage with general labels, such as ‘a Science lesson’ or ‘Sports Day’.

We will only use images of students who are suitably dressed, to reduce the risk of such images being used inappropriately.

Websites can be viewed throughout the world and not just in Cyprus where Cypriot and EU law applies.

Parent’s/Guardian’s consent will be recorded on the school’s Management Information System and will be retained no longer than is necessary for the purpose the data was obtained for. The paper copy will be retained on school file up to a year after your child leaves this school.

As the child’s Parents/Guardians, you agree that if you take photographs or video recordings of your child/Children which include other students, you will use these for personal and family use only and you will not post these on any personal social media accounts.

You understand that where consent has not been obtained from the other parents for any other use, you would be in breach of the Data Protection Act 2018 if you used the recordings for any other purpose.